It's no secret that I hate selfies. A photo of your head in front the Eiffel Tower, you say? No thanks. You and your friends all with your duck faces on, posing in a cool new coffee shop? I'll take a rain check. OK, probably doesn't help that I myself happen to be useless at taking selfies.

But my goodness, Dr Nicholas Roemmelt must surely be the greatest selfie photographer in the world. His landscape photographs - in which he often inserts himself (ergo, selfie) - are amazing. Awe-inspiring. Jaw-droppingly, breath-takingly beautiful and impressive. And while these would be great photos even without the selfie component, I honestly do think that his presence in the photographs enhances them, accentuating just how vast the landscapes really are.

So Dr Roemmelt is clearly winning at selfies, and this is one time I'll happily concede that selfies can be a good thing! Check out more of his work here.