I'm amazed at how arbitrary the prices attached to pieces of modern art often are: for example, this digital print of a (not very interesting?) digital photograph that apparently sold for $6.5 million.

So I had a good chuckle watching “art connoisseurs” at Arnhem Museum of Modern Art marvelling at some of the works of Ike Andrews - attaching price tags such as €200,000 €660,000, and even €2,500,000 to one of his paintings (the latter coming from a man who claimed he’d be prepared to buy it at that price). The connoisseurs spoke of chaos, symbolism, beautiful spirit, emotions, primordial shapes. They said - dear me, it’s unbelievable.

The catch? Ike Andrews is also known as IKEA…and the priceless works of art the connoisseurs were admiring were actually cheap prints from the furniture store. Which is not to say that whatever IKEA is flogging in their street art collection is no good. On the contrary, I quite like some of it. But it certainly gives one pause to reflect on the monetary value of art!